Hygienic Surface and Air Purification Systems

BlueGold Labs is an FDA registered company, with a next-level unique approach to surface sanitization and air purification designed to keep you safe. We use a two-part strategy, one passive, the other active, working in perfect synergy to ensure your environment is optimized for safety against all pathogens including COVID-19, and other viruses, bacteria, mold, and fungi, etc.

The passive approach, HygieniCoat™ is an extensive family of hyper-performance, instant-kill antimicrobial products originally developed for NASA, now used in aerospace with the likes of SpaceX and Blue Origin.

Designed to coat any surface and to keep killing for the life of the product, HygieniCoat™ is made in the USA, formulated with EPA and FDA approved antimicrobial agents that kill a wide range of microbes, on non-living surfaces, to prevent the spread of illness. The time not spent disinfecting will pay for the coating many times over.

HygieniCoat™ forms a permanent covalent-bond with the substrate, actually becoming a new surface two to three microns thick. It is invisible except under UV-black light, which is used to verify the coatings complete coverage.

HygieniCoat™ is inert, it will not leach into the environment. Pathogens cannot survive to colonize on a treated surface. The antimicrobial coatings are positively charged, attracting the naturally negatively charged pathogens to the surface of sharp micro-points that puncture the pathogens outer shell, thus deflating and instantly killing them, like popping a balloon.

For the active approach, BlueGold Labs is working with industry partners to optimize and improve purified-air ventilation strategies. With proper air handling, all pathogens floating in the air are circulated into the Aerosaur™ purification system to be killed.

By using this two-prong approach pathogens have nowhere to hide. They either land and die on a treated surface, or are absorbed into the air purification system.

Contact us today to have your needs evaluated. BlueGold Labs will provide you with a custom solution to keep your personal space free from invisible pathogens. 

Medical and Dental

From offices to examination rooms in clinics, to hospital rooms and operating theatres, HygieniCoat™ is the only solution to ensure that all your high touch surfaces are continuously free from pathogens because HygieniCoat™ is instant kill and not just a temporary solution. 

HygieniCoat™ has formulations to coat any non-living surface including PPE, instruments, bedclothes, LCD screens, computers and electronics making it all anti-microbial.

Studies have shown that regular sanitized surfaces are easily and almost immediately re-infected by aerosol transfer. HygieniCoat™ never takes a break. With only regular cleaning, your surfaces always remain protected. Audit with UV black-light regularly to check for wear and simply touch-up as needed to maintain the coating.

Many spaces suffer from poor ventilation. We recommend adding small and portable air purifiers to correct spot deficiencies and maintain  purified air in your work environment. A BlueGold Labs ventilation expert will be pleased to evaluate your situation and make recommendations for upgrades.


HygieniCoat designed for NASA, for when you want the best, uncompromising quality, instant kill antimicrobial products with multiple applications. - Made in USA


CeramaTherm possibly the worlds best hyper-performance, super thin insulation coating with near zero thermal transfer with thermal conductivity at 0.002 W/mK.
- Made in USA

Air Purification

Sanuvox Residential, Commercial, Medical, Air Purification systems. Celebrating 25 years of excellent service and outstanding products. - Made in Canada

Servicing the Entertainment and Motion Picture Industry

HygieniCoat™ is a product that has wide application for the entertainment and motion picture industry.

Specific formulations of HygieniCoat™ can be used safely on lenses, cameras, electronics, LCD screens, stands, lights, clothing, fabrics, props, furniture and set dressing. Entire sets; all the floors, walls, ceilings counters, sinks and utensils can be coated.

With some coatings functionality is improved – for example: HygieniCoat Endura™ with Wet-Grip makes the smooth surfaces grippier when wet. There are Wet-Grip formulations for rope and gloves. We can make surfaces slippery or textured, absorb heat or repel it.

A unique thermal heat barrier can be achieved with CeramaTerm™ true insulation, a wafer-thin, durable, flexible, breathable, hydrophobic coating with 68% sound deadening properties.

Utilizing medical grade air filtration in combination with UV-C germicidal light, BlueGold Labs introduces the Aerosaur™, which delivers the cleanest surgical grade air possible, silently and continuously to the actor’s mark on set. By utilizing displacement air ventilation techniques our experts insure performers are breathing only purified air.

BlueGold Labs is working with industry partners to optimize and improve existing pure air ventilation strategies; There are solutions available from personal, transport, hair, make-up, wardrobe and green room to whole studio air purification upgrades.

New Site Changes Coming Soon – Beta

BlueGold Labs is in the process of creating a gateway to take orders directly from the website, thank you for your patience. Soon we will also be adding new products, including more air purifying options. Instructional videos are being created to show you a variety of ways HygieniCoat can be used to enhance your safety.

BlueGold Labs is creating content that reflects the concerns of travel, medical, educational and other environments specifically.

I was really happy to get this into our work space, we coated everything, including our phones.
Janet Morris
Graphic Designer
It was easy to apply and everything looks fresh and new. We have used it on all of our equipment. It's nice to know we are protected.
Willie Brown
Product Manager
We work in really close quarters and the air purification system is incredible to keep the air clean while we are working.
Sean Fisher
Set Design