BGL – About Us

About BlueGolb Labs

Established in 2010, BlueGold Labs is an FDA-registered company, with offices in Vancouver, BC, Canada, and Atlanta, GA, USA.

BlueGold Labs is a whole earth science and technology company dedicated to the business of innovation, research, and market development of greenhouse, housing, and environmental technologies.

We develop, research, or partner with companies whose technologies are best-in-class.  We amalgamate and leverage these technologies to provide answers to market problems that often far exceed the current market standards.

Our products are in use in space, air, land, and sea. They are specified where failure is not an option, and where second place is not good enough.  We do not claim or seek to have the cheapest products; instead, our focus is quality and durability.

Our website is designed to showcase each of these product groupings.  Our Performance Package section highlights what can be achieved when mixing and matching technologies.

If you have a product or brand that you think might be a good fit for us to promote, please contact us.  Thank you.

Our Brands

Our products are marketed under the following brands:

Aerosaur™, Black Rod Rebar™, BlueGold Labs™, Canadian Basalt™, Captain Jack’s™, CeramaFoam™, Ceramatherm™, Fulvic Pro™, HygieniCoat™, Launched Racing™,  MagmaX™, Marine Basalt™, NeverBlaze™, Pyroblock™,  PV Solar Enhance™, Racene™, RaceneAqua™, RaceneOil™, Technical Basalt™, Technical Marine Basalt™, and Tecmari™