Living with Forest Fires

Western North America is on fire again. This fire map tells the story. This blog discusses (1) Air Quality, (2) Fire-Suppressing Nanoceramic Coatings, and (3) the use of better and smarter building systems.

As I write this, there are over 800 forest fires across Canada and 1830 square miles alight or burned in Oregon. 1000’s of homes, businesses, and livelihoods are likely to be lost. Countless wildlife and habitats will be destroyed. This now yearly cycle will remain until …? I believe this tragic pattern has no end in sight. We have friends and family who have lost everything in fires. We’ve heard their stories firsthand and experienced some of their pain.

Photo: Ryan Arnst – Unsplash

With this in mind, we have been speaking with our talented technicians and suppliers. They have recommended a wide variety of solutions. Some are in the developmental stage, while others are very proven, in use, and available NOW. I am going to cover three areas: (1) Air Quality, (2) Fire-Suppressing Nanoceramic Coatings, and (3) the use of better and smarter building systems.

Let’s start with Air Quality for your home

Why breath smokey or toxic air INSIDE your house? This is an easy problem for us to solve. We are Sanuvox distributors and have access to their full line of incredible products. We can ship these items anywhere. These come as standalone and in-line systems. Your local technicians will have no problems installing the inline systems. Three Sanuvox products come to mind, and so does one of ours.

The Sanuvox R MAX is a whole-home unit, designed for homes up to 4000 square feet of heated or cooled space. The Sanuvox R Max represents an evolution in UV for whole-home air treatment. It is a Best-in-class UV Air Purifier and Odor Removal System. The high-efficiency patented design destroys airborne bio-chemical contaminants. In other words: smoke. The Sanuvox SR MAX is similar but designed for homes up to 2000 square feet. Both units are designed to install into and enhance your existing system and greatly improve your air quality. One of these is going to being installed in our house very soon.

For those needing a more portable system, we recommend the Sanuvox P900-GX.

Commercial Air Disinfection Systems

If you need large volume air disinfection and purification, the Sanuvair® S300 VOC & Sanuvair® S1000 VOC SMOKE REMOVAL units are perfect. These systems are ideal for bars, smoking rooms, casinos, game rooms, cannabis smoke shops, and cigar rooms. Beyond these, we have a wide variety of air disinfection & surface sterilization systems we can discuss with you. Contact Us Here.

A number of our staff and friends work in the film and music industries. Sets and sound stages are notoriously difficult to provide sanitized and purified air to. On-set air quality is always a concern. We spent a year researching this and recently released our answer: The AEROSAUR. This is a beast of a sterilization system and is an industry first, providing sterilized air SILENTLY to the workspace.

“An Ounce of Prevention is worth a Pound of Cure”

This is an old expression but so true today. We carry an extensive line of military-tested commercial-grade nanoceramic coatings. These coatings are sprayed or rubbed onto the surfaces they are designed to protect. These work at the nano (microscopic) level. They bond to the surface they are applied to and become part of the surface. They fill in the nano-vortices (the nook & crannies) and provide a smoother surface.

We really like the BL205 and BL205AM nanoceramic coatings. The AM version contains strong antimicrobial properties that will inhibit the growth of all kinds of algae and fungus protecting the surface, helping the wood last longer (fire or no fire!). These coatings are designed to be sprayed, wiped, or rubbed into wood surfaces and provide fire retardant capabilities. In simple terms, this coating reduces the chance of the structure catching fire. It binds with the wood fibers, coating and protecting them. It is easy to apply and bonds immediately soaking into the surface. These surfaces require occasional touch-ups, but the first coat provides a remarkable amount of protection. The general advice with this product is to apply it until the materials stop absorbing. Then let it dry and rub it down.

We sell this by the pint, quart, gallon, or larger. To calculate the amount required, you will first need to understand the number of square feet of surface you will be coating and protecting. We can then work with you from there.

Fire Proofing Coatings

Our chief chemist is working on a coating designed for flat surfaces (roof, car firewalls, engine compartments, boat hulls, etc). The product is in the latter stages of testing but is looking really good. A recent test was performed on an aluminum roof, with the coating being just 1/8th” thick. Amazingly, the coated surface withstood a 3600oF heat source on one side of the surface and measured just 180oF on the other. We hope to get this to market later this year and will have videos etc before then.

Build Differently

As a nation, we seem to have maintained the pioneer mentality of building with available resources. As a nation, we continue to follow the same patterns. “Wood is plentiful”. “Wood is cheap”. Well, until the last few years of fire it was. Millions of acres of trees are now cinders. Supplies are tight. It is these same fires that consume our modern-day “log cabin” structures.

The town of Paradise, CA that was burned badly in 2018 is on fire again. New houses are now at risk. Some new homes have already experienced fire three times. This is crazy. Year after year after year we keep rebuilding homes in these forested areas with materials that can not survive. Gutters fill with needles and leaves. These out-of-sight combustible materials ignite, setting fire to sub-framing or shingles. They also get sucked into the soffits and up into the structure, causing the house to burn from the inside out. Similarly, wind-blown fire embers collect on window ledges and door frames. The results are catastrophic.

Albert Einstein’s quote is sadly so appropriate: “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.” 

Photo: Dave Hoefler – Unsplash


Building materials exist that will survive these types of fires. We have assembled them into almost fireproof, incredibly insulating, breathable non-toxic, AND affordable building panels. These are easy to assemble making the cost of building (or rebuilding) incredibly inexpensive as well as rapid.

Our assembly is simply encapsulated within code-approved framing. In other words, to get different results, build differently.

For example: When we add our basalt volcanic rock fiber mesh to the structural panels and stucco plastered with breathable natural BioLime or super strength Geopolymer cements, the resulting structure will last. This is essentially the stuff they built the Pantheon and those buildings in Rome with. These structures are still standing thousands of years later. Yes…that stuff. You have choices.

We are also reviewing different types of roofing materials that will NOT combust. Ultimately, there is only so much we can do, but we are trying to get sensible and practical solutions to market.

Development and Refinement

We are still working on developing these panels and are building test structures right now. The panels are fire and bug-resistant and have incredible insulation properties. We’ll know soon. We believe this to be an answer and the change in building technology needed for fire-prone areas. Stay tuned. Or contact us and let’s talk.

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Building with Integrity, Lifespan, and Balance

Our housing, offices, and commercial spaces are all supposed to keep us safe. Yet, the way we build these structures is problematic. We incorporate materials with short life spans that can be toxic or prone to decay or being attacked by bugs or fungi, We build, ignoring a variety of natural materials that can be used to build sustainably. These materials are plentiful and are not toxic to us. They insulate us from hot and cold weather affordably. They do not burn down in fires and do not mold. These natural materials are the better and less expensive alternatives to the materials we use today. Yet, we ignore them, largely out of ignorance. Outdated building codes and limited engineering teaching compound the problem.

Made from hemp and basalt and bio-resins! Follow this link to read a great article on Floating homes

Basalt and Volcanic Ash

Volcanos provide us essential building blocks of Basalt and Ash. Basalt is an igneous rock that forms from the relatively rapid solidification of lava. It is one of the most common types of rock. It has the basic elements for life including carbon, phosphorous, and nitrogen, only requiring water to complete the formula. Basalt is high in silicates, iron, and magnesium. Lava ash comprises minerals and trace elements that are extremely beneficial for the planet. The fertility of some of the world’s richest and most productive farmland is due to the minerals produced by nearby volcanoes.

Uses & Properties

Basalt and volcanic ash have a wide variety of uses including healing the physical body, remediation of toxic waste, nontoxic “enlivened cements”, healing building materials, radiation shielding, and more. The crystalline structures within basalt can be used for communicators and capacitors. The light that emits from these structures is an avenue for many ‘out of the box’ developments – and the microbes within have a world all their own.

Volcanic ash has anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-yeast, and overall disinfectant qualities. This type of ash is high in Sulphur, an active ingredient that not only helps the body to resist bacteria but actually destroys it. The ash disinfects the blood, stimulates bile secretion, aids the oxidation reaction in the body, and protects the protoplasm of cells for the synthesis of collagen. Volcanic ash provides a multitude of health and beauty benefits.

The pre-Aztec “Pyramid of the Sun” outside of New Mexico is built from volcanic rock and is highly paramagnetic. We have come a long way with our understanding of how to leverage this wonderful material. Today, basalt fibers spun from basalt rock are used as a fireproof textile in the aerospace and automotive industry and as composites for build such items as tripods. Yes – Basalt is in use in Space!

Reimagined Building Materials

Let’s start by reapplying what our ancestors figured out. Let’s re-start building with advanced materials like Basalt volcanic rock fibers which are an integral component to a sensible, secure building system. These fibers can be made into products like rebars, meshes, fabrics, wall panels, both interior, and exterior. Basalt rock fibers are a key and core ingredient to most of our building material needs.  Basalt materials do NOT burn, instead, they insulate. They do NOT mold and are super-strong. Basalt is stronger than steel and yet over 70% lighter and it NEVER corrodes. Basalt does not react to seawater. It does not decay the way traditional cement and steel rebar structures do. For those living in fire, flood, or coastal zones, these Basalt construction materials are amazing. We carry all these materials on this website and are experts in their application!

Basalt performs very well with other building materials. You can use it as a direct and improved replacement for steel, fiberglass, kevlar, and other materials. Mixing natural fibers like hemp with basalt allows a building’s walls to breathe and control moisture naturally. Combing these with Lime-based plasters and stucco you create buildings that breathe and insulate and do not burn or mold. Waste wood fibers can be mixed also into new types of cement that do not create CO2 as regular cement does. This is truly a green building material. Incredibly strong, these types of cement fortified with basalt reinforcements can provide waterproof floating homes as seen in the article above.


Basalt does not harbor Electro Magnetic Radiations (EMR). EMR are waves propagating through space carrying radiant energy. Other types of EMR include radio waves, microwaves, infrared, ultraviolet, X-rays, and gamma rays. Circuit boards, which are subject to EMR – which exist in every electronic device could be fabricated with Basalt. It is a superior insulator and is lighter, stronger, and infinitely recyclable.

Now is the time for the paradigm shift in how we build and with what we build.

We know eating healthily is beneficial to our well-being. We should be aiming to live in healthy buildings too. A paradigm shift is needed. We need to take steps to actively design and build with natural materials that reduce our exposure to toxins and diseases. These same materials can save us from mold, fires, flood damages, hurricanes, and even tornadoes. These smarter building systems will allow us to live more safely and healthily. Taking these steps is not hard to do. If you want to discuss this article, or discuss fixing, repairing, or building with our incredible products, please contact us.


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Overlap or Lean Over…

Sometimes a picture is worth 1000 words. We know Google wants 1500 words for blog articles, but this picture says it all. Well, almost…

Rebar is supposed to overlap 40 times the diameter of the rod.

Also, see how little poor concrete was outside these rebars. 2-3 inches is code minimum. If they were deeper inside good concrete and basalt outside near the surface this might have been a different outcome.

If you want to discuss engineering and how we would fix or prevent this from happening, please contact us.


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It’s time for a change. Steel and concrete and saltwater do NOT mix.

First,  we at BlueGold Labs want to express our shock at the recent building collapse in Miami FL. Our deepest condolences to the families and friends of those lost in this tragic incident.

Corrosion, spalling, cracking, failure, and collapse are the results of steel in concrete over time.

Steel and concrete and saltwater do NOT mix. Over time chloride attack penetrates porous concrete and rusts out the steel reinforcements that are critical to holding the excessive loads in a high-rise building.

Structural engineers and builders used to not factor lifespan into the design of these buildings adequately. Frankly, many builders figured 40-50 years later they would be gone. Then it became someone else’s problem, or it simply meant more work.

Simple Solution to a Longstanding Problem

I have shown construction engineers on our local bridge how adding basalt rebars and better concrete with far more impermeable properties could significantly lengthen the life and lessen repairs.  In a meeting in front of everyone an official said,  “We will not use those products because we will run out of work”! Wow!

We have hundreds of years of work to do if we started yesterday.

Putting good steel deeper in the core of a structure — like stainless or galvanized MMX type and then surrounding the outer sections close to the surface with Basalt volcanic rock fiber reinforcements are a solution for ALL concrete. We then would not have the spalling seen today everywhere. Why this has not already been integrated into new designs is puzzling.

Basalt rebar is 2-3 times stronger in tension than steel, yet over 70% lighter and will not corrode.

Basalt can be very close to the surface where a  lot of structural forces are most needed. Having the steel deeper in the core and a better concrete with waterproofing additives and basalt all around is the best combination and longest-lasting solution.

Cost Considerations

It is perceived that the approach might cost a little more to begin but the long-term costs are far less. And today, Basalt rebar is less expensive than its steel counterpart.

Sensible design engineering will incorporate FRP (BFRP for basalt) into buildings of the future. More geopolymer cements, as well as high and ultra-high-performance, concretes which do not allow chloride ingress – enhanced with basalt instead of steel is the best solution.

Additives to stop water penetrations are now available, pozzolanic additives for strength also.

Pilings, foundations, slabs, and balconies that today are all prone to failure over time need to be re-engineered with the materials we have which have been proven.

Basalt mini-bars are also now available as toothpick size macro fibers. These can be used in slabs and completely eliminate rebar! Adding them, in general, would make whole sections of concrete more ductile, and significantly add tensile and elastic modulus.

It is time as now lifespan is a huge part of costs.

Build new and repair existing with basalt reinforcements!

Most all  DOTs have expressed that a huge portion of their budget is in repairs rather than in new builds. Especially those states near saltwater or using road salts for deicing.

Instead of engineers specifying ONE or the other, it is time to understand that including FRP (BFRP) for basalt with steel for high strength long-lasting bridge and road work is a key solution. Again, better add mixes, macro fibers, better steel and better concretes with Basalt reinforcements are the answer. There is no longer any need to go looking for these solutions as the testing and data are known.

Materials Science

Basalt is rock and the fibers being rock, expand and contract at the same rate as concrete, unlike steel. Cold temperatures in the morning followed by very warm temperatures in the afternoon cause expansion and contraction. These make fine cracks in concrete. Small cracks become bigger ones. Water penetrates, ice can form, and the corrosion increases, little by little until the rust has nowhere to go. The concrete pops open in bigger chunks. This is “spalling”. The capacity of the steel which with a little rust is fine and somewhat protected. However, as this rusting continues the steel no longer has the structural capacity needed. And then the problems are a lot more significant.

Wraps can be made of composite fibers like fiberglass and carbon fibers and basalt with epoxy to help mitigate the destruction. Carbon fibers are strong in one direction however they are electrically conductive and shatter on impact from the side. And it is very expensive. Fiberglass does not have the saltwater tolerance or chemical durability of basalt. Basalt fibers are over 24% higher flexural modulus of elasticity than fiberglass- stiffer.

Basalt fibers are hundreds of degrees hotter and colder temperature capable than fiberglass. Being rock also they are more easily recyclable. Basalt takes wide impact better than most other fibers by far. It is UV immune, easy to work with and apply resins to, and cuts nicely. Basalt volcanic rock fibers are the answer for longevity, security, and affordability.

Spalling – We’ve all seen it

I am showing some examples of what we have all seen under bridges and along highways of this spalling of concrete and steel.

Spalling concrete near a beach
The same wall, but in more detail, showing the decay and lack of support
The same beam in even more detail. We see this all the time. And we “accept it” as being normal. Why?

I am quite sure we all do not want to drive over these bridges with heavy trucks. Or live in a building with this holding it up. No longer is it acceptable to continue to do the wrong thing when we know there are alternatives and the cost of doing things right is less in total by far.

Rethinking and Rebulding

Our new infrastructure budgets can help repair with adequate solutions. Additionally, we must school and train new engineers to think differently. And they in turn will begin to build differently, Change will come.

They only know what they are taught and only stamp engineering plans according to the codebooks. However, the time has gone on far too long now for changes to these codes. The train is leaving the station and the materials we know now exist are ready to be included. Again, not to exclude the decades of proven capacity of steel and concrete, but to enhance them significantly.

Buildings, bridges, dams, roads, highways, and all the support systems made with concrete can be far longer-lasting and lighter and stronger. Bridge decks have been made successfully with FRP and the railings on these can be all composites.

Use the right materials – Cost and Repair Avoidance

Why pay every couple of years to sandblast and repaint railings that can be stronger and lighter than steel and never have to be repainted?

Foam core reinforced composites can replace many concrete sections and last much longer. Tunnels can be made or coated with ultra-high-performance concretes reinforced with basalt macro fibers, rebar, and mesh. Using this approach these tunnels will not allow for chloride penetration that causes ultimate destructions. Candy coating strong concretes with this technology is an affordable solution.

Far more flexural ductile concretes can handle earthquakes and hurricanes.

Underground piping enhanced with these products will handle stresses and be safer while lasting decades longer.

Many buildings hundreds to thousands of years old in Europe are standing because they did NOT have steel reinforcements.

We are repairing historic building structures like cathedrals and mosques and significant sites all over Europe and the Middle East with basalt reinforcements because they do not corrode over time.

Domes, barrel vaults, arches, etc. all, are far more structurally sound with the use of basalt fiber reinforcements or basalt rope. (We are currently helping restoration efforts in a number of historical buildings using these and other basalt products. Contact us for guidance.)

Oil and gas pipelines, even asphalt roadways, airport runways, and communications towers will benefit and be safer including basalt volcanic rock fiber reinforcements while not cracking and corroding.

Advanced plant-based resins are now developed that are non-toxic, can be more easily disposed of at their end-of-life cycle.

New resins that are completely non-toxic with no hazardous carcinogens are now available and when mixed with basalt fibers do not burn while emitting only water vapor.

Alternatives and Replacements

Replace petroleum base fibers with all rock basalt fibers and these resins to make anything from boat hulls to truck and auto bodies.

Composites will become far more used in bridge designs like being done at advanced facilities such as our associates at AIT Bridges in Maine.

3D printing will soon be able to make much larger format structures like bridge sections that will have the internal geometry to support lighter and stronger materials (a major one being basalt fiber composites). All structures are based on geometry and it is our belief that we will soon be using the computers and materials advances to bring infrastructure into a new realm.

Seriously reducing the amount of concrete which is one of the world’s most used materials and largest carbon emitter is crucial. Of course,  making our roads, bridges, and buildings safer more durable, and longer-lasting while being healthier is the goal.

As stated, better concretes, Geo-polymers, stronger, lighter, and longer-lasting reinforcements are here and ready to be included in the specifications.

It’s time for a change

We need the government to embrace much more expeditiously these changes, to get behind them in a big way quickly as time is running out for slowly changing. Again, we are NOT recommending replacing the methods and materials completely of today everywhere but enhancing them, enveloping them with the longer-lasting materials and solutions available now.

In time composites will possibly eliminate a great portion of the concrete used now and our aim is to be a good part of that.

Let’s train the designers of tomorrow and educate those in charge today why this is needed and how to implement these changes.

Time is a precious commodity let’s roll now.

We make composites ROCK!

Nick Gencarelle

Basalt Guru – Contact Me

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We make composites ROCK!

Basalt rocks are melted into filaments and woven into fabrics

Would you like to replace fiberglass with a natural, stronger, greener alternative that lasts longer with superior properties? Higher impact-resistant basalt fibers are pultruded filaments of fibers just like fiberglass or carbon fiber or Kevlar only ALL ROCK.  More chemical and acids and salt tolerant and hundreds of degrees hotter and colder temperatures capable. Basalt is safe, non-respirable (wear masks if sanding of course), UV immune, over 24% higher flexural modulus than fiberglass (stiffer but bends), non-conductive and does not interfere with RF communications signals.

Volcanos expanded their gasses millions of years ago. Basalt lasts a long time!

Basalt is one of the original building materials. When properly “prepared”, Basalt is equally “at home” as rebar supporting a dam, or as a fiber skirting as an air dam on the front of a sports car. Click on this link to our Shop section to see all the capabilities of the products we have in-house. If you have questions, contact us. We can provide in-depth answers, based upon years of practical experience.

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It’s Boating Season! Get your Deck looking Ship Shape.

I don’t know about you, but one of our family’s favorite activities is to be out on the water boating. We enjoy wake surfing in the Okanagan and cruising the picturesque BC coastline. And when in Florida, we love exploring the crystal waters off the coast. The LAST thing I want to be doing is having to spend countless hours on cleanup and maintenance. And, of course, any savings on fuel we can generate, are greatly appreciated.  It doesn’t matter whether you are on a lake or in the ocean, the wear and tear on boats are extreme. Foot traffic, UV as the sun beats down on all surfaces exposed, or the salt all add up. And worse, biofilm and minerals become glued to the deck and hull, in some cases within a matter of days!  I find it a real pain to deal with.

Safety First

As a captain, of course, the safety of all aboard is a huge responsibility. Any approach to help limit mishaps can be a huge relief, as you take out friends/guests with little or no experience boating.  I am excited to make the most of our product line. It limits my time spent cleaning and focusing more on the fun side …..floating, cruising, and surfing.  Less stress and less mess are fantastic!

Our WetGripTM surface coating options help keep you stable, even with wet bare feet aboard a wet deck or around a pool. Our HygieniCoatTM keeps your interior surfaces safe while our Hydrophobic nanotech coatings keep bio buildup off your hull. This alone saves thousands in maintenance and improving fuel economy by limiting surface cavitation and drag.

Whether powered by sail or an avid offshore racer, check out our Performance Packages to make the most of your time on the water this year. These packages are tuned for your needs by industry performance and safety experts.

Here at BueGold Labs, we are environmentally conscious. This is reflected in the materials and technologies we create, represent, and sell. We are so proud to be able to offer incredible Non-Toxic/Non-Leaching options that will protect your boat, deck, dock, or even your home while being respectful of this beautiful place we live.  

In short, we have numerous ways we can reduce maintenance while improving safety and performance. And who wouldn’t want this?! Click on Shop or Performance Packages to learn more.

#DontBeTrippin #Shipshape #NiceDeck #WetGrip #SuperSlick #HygieniCoat

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Picture’s Up, Rolling…..Action

With a number of our key staff being active in the motion picture  & stunt business for many years,  it is no surprise we keenly are aware of just how important it is to keep staff Safe ….. they are not easily replaceable.  Covid has been the game-changer for this industry where despite incredible efforts, the work environment remains a challenge. With our industry expertise, we assembled a highly qualified engineering team and for over, a year have been working on what we believe will become the industry benchmark for motion picture Set air safety.

BlueGold Labs Inc. has taken the very best technology developed for Aerospace and made it useable for Set.  We have blended a number of best-of-class products including our own antimicrobial surface coatings. Our HygienicoatTM comes in various formulations to cover any surface from fabric to cameras, even your lens! With these coatings, combined with our AEROSAURTM, which offers sanitized air silently to your “Ones”, we offer one of the most effective overall set solutions to keep you and your team safe.

For absolute peace of mind, we offer Auditable results, minimizing downtime, keeping you Rolling.

Please see our Home page and scroll down a little to the first sub-section – the AEROSAUR. Please contact us for more details.

#AerosaurTM #HygieniCoatTM #BlueGoldLabsTM #MotionPictures

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Pool Party!

What if we told you we have passive coating solutions to heat or cool your pool?  Would this get your attention? 🙂

A beautiful location. However, is it a safe one?

If you constantly have kids running around your pool, or guests that love to see the bottom of your punch bowl, you will very likely appreciate some of the newest technologies BlueGold Labs has developed to give you a little extra peace of mind.

BlueGold Labs WetGripTM can be added to a number of our Nanocoatings to help give you traction, keeping the party on deck where it belongs, whether the surface is wet or dry. WetGrip can be used on an endless list of substrates, be it kitchens, gyms, bathrooms, or of course your pool and deck. Our HygieniCoatTM antimicrobial offers an auditable solution that helps with taking out Viruses instantly on contact 24 hours a day, so your guests avoid taking home unwanted party favors.   The proper product will seal and protect your space from the elements making cleanup a breeze. Its natural resistance to fire and the UV resistant properties helping to preserve your sanctuary for many years to come. If you are looking to keep something warm or cool, we have some of the best solutions available, currently being used in Aerospace.

Non-Toxic Non-Leaching Coatings

You will be thankful to know that each of these solutions has been thoughtfully designed as Green, nontoxic options that will not leach into the environment. Preserving the Earth and keeping your family, friends, and pets safe is just as much of a focus for our team.

Check out the amazing SHOP options presented by BlueGold Labs, designed to safely keep your home, pool, boat, or even plane protected and looking its very best.

Add more Zen to your Den !

#PassiveAgressive #Ninja #HygieniCoat  #BlueGoldLabs #InstantKill #Effective #petfriendly #NonToxic

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Everybody Was Kung Fu Fighting

What’s deadlier than a room full of Ninjas?  BlueGold Labs HygieniCoatTM!!  We all know that even Ninjas eventually get tired,  but our auditable HygieniCoatTM battles Viruses all day, every day, seven days a week. 

Warriors preparing for battle. The microbes may have already won before the event even starts….

Our passive/aggressive technology was developed for Aerospace and is in use there right now, circling above us! It attacks everything that comes into contact with it at a microscopic level without using harsh chemicals so that you, those around you, and your pets stay safe for months! Coverage can be simply verified with a black-light to confirm surface protection and any touch-ups required due to attrition can be carried out with ease. Put away those toxic sprays and enjoy peace of mind for days.

And for our Ninja friends in the gym, treating that environment is a greater challenge. We combine our HygieniCoatTM and WetGripTM product suite to create an auditable germ-free and slip-free environment where you can be as badass as you want, and not get taken out by microbes.

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Is the Juice Worth the Squeeze?

The juice IS worth the squeeze if you are Racing with the right stuff. Every drop counts!  Any seconds you can shave, the weight you can save, or the power you can add all get you across the line quicker. Part of any build involves heat control. Insulation is a much-needed but bulky and weighty component. Heat exhausts the driver and wears out components

Our solution? CermathermTM for hyper insulation.  Our Nanotech keeps you looking sharp and keeps components running their best, even in the most extreme conditions. It sprays on thin and outperforms the competition while keeping you looking AND feeling cool.

To see how you can apply CermathermTM across a number of applications. check out our Performance Packages to view your most comprehensive options and make sure all your bases are covered.

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Keep the Thrive Alive

Help keep our oceans, lakes, and rivers alive and well with our Antifoul Super-Slick and Surface Coatings.  These are world-class battle-tested nanoceramics. Unlike the competition, this Green non-leaching formula is ideal for preventing scale, algae, mollusks, and seaweed from bonding to surfaces below the water. In turn, these changes lead to faster and smoother travel through the water. They also reduce the level of maintenance, which in turn means more time on the water enjoying yourself.

We could see this being implemented to eliminate zebra mollusks and other predatory species. Yes – it’s that good!

Other technologies we like are basalt building materials that are NOT impacted by seawater or salt. These are long-lasting and not prone to decay. See our blog on coastal construction to learn more.

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South Beach Need for Speed

South Beach Speed Test

BlueGold Labs Inc affiliate Launched Racing ventures into Pro Kiteboarding, with its vast array of solutions designed to squeeze the very best performance out of your gear.

Speed trials began this week off the South Coast of Florida, with a number of their Pro Team members on site, using technology developed for top tier sail & cigarette boats to increase speed.

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Field Testing begins on the Highway thru Hell

Extreme Driving Conditions Provide a Real-World Product Demonstration

BlueGold Labs Inc’s new division Launched Racing begins its field tests on one of the most treacherous Canadian highways, known as the “Highway thru Hell”.

Highway Through Hell

Mother Nature has everything at her disposal on this unforgiving stretch of road running through the coastal mountain range of Southern British Columbia, Canada.  During the summer months, temperatures soar into the 40s and the potential for a fire lurks around every corner. In the winter months, sub-zero temperatures dominate with ice, wind, fog, mud, and snow. It is perfect for real-world testing of our proven Military and Aerospace products. After years of being off-limits, these coatings are finally being made available to the general public.

Highway Through Hell

Applying Surface Coatings to Improve Safety

We are systematically trying a number of our formulations to determine which is the best choice for our vehicles.  Our BlueGold Labs nanotechnology was used to protect everything from the windshield to the rubber of the tires. These coatings performed wonderfully allowing debris that would normally be an issue to simply wash clear of the surface. not stick at all, or be easily brushed away with the wipers. Once applied, a covalent bond forms a protective layer atop the substrate, becoming one with it. The overall aerodynamics of the vehicle improves, while paint and other components are protected from attrition caused by ice, snow, and dirt. Cleanup is a breeze, keeping the vehicle looking its best and protecting our investment for many years to come.

From a safety standpoint, every second trip we took was an absolute Blizzard. Other vehicles were barely discernible. The importance of keeping ice, snow, and dirt from building up on lights, reflectors, and the vehicle becomes even more apparent, giving other drivers on the road a solid ”heads up”. Much of the road was completely covered with ice, slush and snow so changing one’s course once chosen, was extremely difficult, if not treacherous. The sides and center of the road were littered with vehicles that made bad decisions or that were overtaken by the elements.

Safe is SEEN!  And being able to see is just as key …watch the video and you decide.

A Typical Day’s Commute for some People…

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