Donkey, Drone, and Fed-Ex are some of the options, depending on what part of the world you are in. Some of our items can be very bulky while others can be very small or heavy. We will work with you to optimize the shipping to best suit the order size and intended destination.  You are responsible for freight, handling and insurance costs, so we will do as you request.

Yes.  We can ship to most locations, however, a few products are US market only. If we are shipping Antimicrobials, Customs and/or Regulatory pre-clearance may be required depending upon the destination country.  We will work with you to expedite the process as much as we can, but ultimately you are responsible for the products once they leave our facilities.

Order size, volume, weight, and destination determine this. Some items are custom made and others are always in stock.  If you have a time-crunch, please ask us before ordering so we can provide an informed estimate.  Thank you.


We only accept pre-paid orders, through reputable banks or payment systems. Nothing is shipped until payments are FULLY cleared.

Checks, Cash or Payment-on-Delivery are not acceptable.

Orders & Returns

We have an online ordering system which accommodates some of what we sell.  The Air Sterilization, Basalt and specialty building products will generally be specified following consultation with our engineering team. We’ll sort out ordering, shipping, and payment then.

Only if the order has not yet shipped or been made.  We will work with you to control what we can. 

We will send you shipping details once the order has left our facilities.

Orders. once shipped, are non-returnable nor refundable.